Photo Gallery Widget

The Photo Gallery widget makes it easy to add multiple images to your site. When images in the Photo Gallery are clicked, they can be opened in a lightbox gallery or linked to a page on your site, a website URL, a popup, an anchor, an email address or more. You can add titles, descriptions and alternative text to each image.

Add the Photo Gallery widget to your site. To learn more about adding widgets to your site, see Add Widgets. Once the widget has been placed, the Content Editor appears.


To display dynamic pages with a Photo Gallery widget, see Add Lists to Display Dynamic Pages

Add Images

To add images to the photo gallery widget:

  1. (Optional) To enable links on gallery images, click the Enable links on gallery images toggle at the top of the editor.
  2. Click Add image.
  3. Select any of the images you have in the image picker. Complete the following:
    • Select the folder with images you want to use.
    • Click the + icon to upload your own images.
    • Switch to the Full View for more image options.
      For more information on the image picker, see Image Picker.
  4. To edit the position, and add a title, description, and button to your image, click the image and edit the Image Settings.
  5. To add alt text, click the image to open the Image Settings. Scroll down to the Alt text section and either type your own alt text or click the Sparkle () icon to use the AI Assistant to generate alt text. Repeat for each individual image in the Photo Gallery. The Sparkle icon will be disabled if an image is not selected.


    Alt text generated by the AI Assistant is in the same language as the page’s current language.

  6. Use the Rich Text Editor to add color, emphasis (bold, italics and underline), and bullets to text in the description box.
  7. You can add links when the buttons are viewable (this is only available in the new widget).

Photo Gallery Design Editor

To customize the Photo Gallery, open the Design Editor.

  1. To change the gallery layout, click the Layout tab. You have the following options:
    • Click the existing layout to see more design options for your photo gallery. Layouts are managed per-device and based on the current view in which the layout is selected.
    • Text can be added under images, on the hover, or on the image. Select Text/button under image, Text/button on hover, or Text/button on image, and then select a position for the text/button.
    • Select the Number of columns in the Photo Gallery.
    • To adjust the number of columns automatically to avoid white space, click the Auto adjust columns toggle.
    • Select how many Visible rows you want to display.
  2. To configure images, click the Images tab. You have the following options:
    • Change the image height and spacing between the images (for all images in the gallery). This is only applicable for certain layouts.
    • Add rounded corners.
    • Display the full image on the gallery.
    • Add shadow.
    • Change the image hover effect and animation (available in new widget).
    • Disable image optimization.
  3. To configure the frame style, add a background color, and customize the border, click the Frame tab.

    • To hide the share option, click the Hide share images toggle. This removes the share button users see when clicking an image.
  4. To change the inner and outer spacing, click the Spacing tab.

Disabling image optimization could impact page speed and or performance.

Add an Instagram Feed

Users with a private or public Instagram account (not business accounts) can add an Instagram feed to the photo gallery widget. For more information, see Add an Instagram Feed to your Site.