RSS Feeds

The RSS feed widget lets you add a list of recent posts or entries from any specific RSS feed to your site. Use this widget to display blogs and text from other sites. All links will open in a new tab.


The RSS Feed widget does not have any connection or interaction with the blog of the site it has been placed on. It is designed to display posts from an external feed only. It cannot create new posts or import posts to the site's blog. If you are looking for information on the Website Builder blog solution for sites, see About Blogs

To add the RSS feed widget:

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets.
  2. Click and drag the RSS Feed widget into your site.

To learn more about adding widgets to your site, see Add Widgets.

RSS Feed Format

The RSS Feed widget will work just as well in posting the RSS feed of a third party blog as it will with a blog that was made on the MyWebsite builder.

The MyWebsite's All Posts and Recent Posts widgets have a format that is very similar to the RSS Feed widget. So MyWebsite blog users may simply want to use this instead of the RSS Feed widget.

Implementing the RSS Feed into the RSS Feed Widget

  1. Insert the RSS Feed widget onto the website builder.

  2. In a separate tab, go to any page that has the blog (if the blog is on the MyWebsite builder, this tab must be on the live site and not in Edit mode or preview mode).

  3. Right click on any part of the blog and select to view the code ("Inspect").

  4. The code will now appear in the right side of the screen. Do a search for RSS.

  5. This may take you to a section of code that begins with <link type="application/rss+xml"...

  6. Right-click on that section of code.

  7. In the window that appears, scroll to the word "Copy" and choose "CopyOuter HTML".

  8. Paste that portion of the code onto a Notepad document. Remember that you are just pasting the URL (i.e. and not the full code (nothing beginning with <link type ...)

  9. Go to

  10. Enter this code into "Enter the old site RSS feed URL".

  11. A new code will now be generated (i.e. Enter that code into the RSS Feed widget."

Content Editor

To access the content editor, right-click the widget, and click Edit Content. Type the feed URL in the field provided.


Only a valid RSS feed will work properly. We recommend validating your RSS feed prior to entering it in the widget. You can check your RSS Feed here:

Design Editor

To access the design editor, right-click the widget, and click Edit Design.

For information about design options that are not specific to this widget (for example, layout, style, or spacing), see Widget Design.


All Read More links will open to the full post on the original site.