Publish a Single Page

You can update the content of a page that is already published without republishing the whole site and without updating the content of other pages. This feature does not allow you to create a new page and publish only that page.

To publish a single page:


This option is only available after your site is published.

  1. In the side panel of the editor, click Pages.
  2. Click the settings () icon next to page you want to publish.
  3. Click Publish page.
    A calendar icon displays on the page to indicate it has been published separately from the entire site.

Important Notes

  • Theme changes (for example, changes to header, footer, or site theme) will not be applied when a single page is published.
  • Each language on a multi-language site will need to be updated separately.
  • An automatic backup is created each time a single page is published. For more information, see Backup Sites.
  • To apply page URL changes, you must publish the entire site.