Site Icons

Home screen icons, share images, favicons, and startup images allow you to customize, brand, and polish your user's experience on the site, as well as make it easier for a visitor to pick your site out from a bunch of tabs or links on their home screen. If you are confused about what icons, share images, favicons, or start-up images are, please see below.


Be sure to republish your site after adding or changing any of the site icons. You may need to refresh the page or clear the cache in order to see the icon changes.

To edit your site icons:

  1. In the left panel, click Settings, and then click Site Icons.
  2. Click +Image next to the icon you want to edit.


Your favicon appears next to your page title in the tab of your browser. It allows users to identify and navigate to your site easily, even if they have multiple tabs open.


Allowed resolution sizes for favicons are (px): 24 x 24, 36 x 36, 48 x 48. It is recommended you use .ico file type for favicons.

Social Networks Image (Open Graph)

This is the image designated to display on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks when sharing your site.

Home Screen Icon (Mobile & Tablet)

Home screen icons are a mobile phone version of bookmarks, and appear on iPhone and iPad devices when your site is bookmarked on the home screen. Users are able to save a home screen icon on their phone's home screen as if the site were an app. Clicking this icon on mobile devices brings users to your site.

This image should be a square and at least 57 x 57 pixels in size.