Password Protected Pages

With password protected pages, you can add a password to specific pages on your site that visitors will need to enter in order to view that page. Password protected pages are beneficial when certain information is designed for specific audiences; for example, to restrict access to a download page.

Password protected pages should not be confused with user logins or account management. Password protected pages only adds an individual password for one page, not different passwords for different users.

  • Anchored pages cannot be password protected pages. In order to password protect a page, make sure that the page is not anchored to another page.
  • Dynamic pages cannot be password protected pages.

To create password protected pages:

  1. In the side panel, click Pages.
  2. Click the settings () icon for a specific page.
  3. Click Set Access.
  4. Click Password Protected, and type the password visitors will need to type to access the page. The password can be no more than 100 characters, but can contain any characters.
  5. Click Save. This page is now protected by a password. You can remove this password at anytime by clicking Open to Everyone.

Log Out

To log out, clear the cache for the site or browser.


Even if the password for the page is changed, users that are logged into a password protected page will stay logged in until they clear their cache.