Edit Image Widgets on Mobile

With the mobile version of the editor you can add customization for existing image widgets on your site. You can replace an image, change its alt text and add, remove, or edit the link on the image.

Image Editing Menu

To access the image editing menu, tap on the image and select Edit.

Replace Images

To replace an image in an existing image widget, open the image editing menu and tap the image thumbnail.

Tapping on the thumbnail will take you to the Image Picker, where you can pick a replacement for the old image. For more information, see Select and Add Images on Mobile.

Change Alt Text

Alt text is an important property of the images on your site that helps search engines recognize and process your site’s images.

To change the alt text description of the image, open image editing menu and type, edit, replace, or remove the alt text of the image.

Customize Image Links

To customize the link on the image widget, open the image editing menu, and tap on the Link image field.

The Link picker menu opens, which allows you to add, edit or remove the link. For more information, see Link Picker.